Mobile magnet system for handling machines

Mobile magnet systems for handling machines are used in various handling machines such as excavators, cranes, reachstackers, forklifts or other construction machines. Primarily used in industries such as scrap handling, recycling, track construction, drop ball applications or sorting and demolition work.

The role of the magnet system is to provide the attached lifting magnet with sufficient energy to load and sort ferromagnetic materials such as e.g. slabs, pigs, chips, solid scrap, cast iron scrap, shredding scrap and other ferromagnetic loads.

The power generator is powered by the hydraulics or mechanical means of the mobile material handler. For material handler, whose manufacturers offer no possibility or support for the construction of an integrated magnetic system, it is possible to drive the generator by a separate diesel generator set (genset).

We offer a wide range of electromagnets. If our magnet standard series does not fit to your application, the lifting magnet will be designed and afterwards produced

If necessary, the magnet control is also adapted to your application. It does not matter whether with backup / emergency power supply or other technical variations..

With us you receive all products from one hand. We support you from the conception to the start-up of your magnet system. Also, in case ofa service or maintenance request we are there for you.


Scope of delivery of a mobile magnet system

Scope of delivery of a mobile magnet system
Mobile excavator with equipped magnet system
  1. Optional: Emergency / Backup power supply
  2. Only with option Backup power supply: Batterie through
  3. Power generator
  4. Load lifting magnet
  5. Magnet connection line (Helix cable)
  6. Chain suspension (Triple strand-chain)
  7. Quick coupler suspension
  8. Plug / socket device
  9. Plug / socket guard
  10. Boom line / mast line
  11. Control line
  12. Display


Example of product

Hydraulically driven power supply

Hydraulically driven power supply


Magnet system at a mobile excavator

Material handler with load lifting magnet

Material handler with load lifting magnet

Tags: magnets, power supply, Load lifting magnet, scrap handling, lifting magnets, magnet system, electromagnets, material handler, forklift, reachstacker, mobile excavator

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