Round heavy-duty lifting magnet MHR

The electrically operated round heavy duty lifting magnets type MHR were designed primarily for the heaviest applications. Used with mobile excavator or cranes for drop ball applications or scrap handling, the series is characterized by its enormous load-carrying capacity, handling performance and wear resistance.

Round heavy duty lifting magnets type MHR

Round heavy duty lifting magnets type MHR
  • Magnet housing made of high-quality ribbed single piece casted housing
  • high magnetic conductivity
  • inside high-quality anodized aluminum strip and silicone compound
  • oversized outer pole to reduce wear of magnet pole surface
  • integrated ribs improve the heat dissipation and thus the service life
  • designed for heaviest operations
  • elektrischer Anschluss geschützt von angegossener Schutzwand
  • multiple reinforcement options
  • optional accessories available, e.g. plugs, magnet cables, etc.
  • voltage 220 VDC (440 VDC bei MHR23)
  • duty cycle 75% / 24h / 3-shift operation
  • insulation class „C“ -> 240° C
  • color RAL 1208, yellow or RAL 7043, gray
  • various suspension e.g. Three-strand chain, receiving rings, holding mandrels, etc.


Electrical data and dimensions

Type Weight (kg) Power (kW)* Diameter (mm)
MHR 12,5 2.600 12 1.250
MHR 14 3.600 15 1.400
MHR 15,5 5.100 20 1.550
MHR 18 7.000 27 1.800
MHR 23 13.000 42 2.300

* if required, also versions in special voltage and / or special power available

Load chart and detailed information on request!


Example of product

Round heavy duty lifting magnets type MHR at delivery

Round heavy duty lifting magnets type MHR at delivery

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