Power generator RG

The very efficient series RG generators, used in material handlers such as mobile excavators, reachstackers, forklifts or in stationary magnet applications such as on cranes, supply electrically operated lifting magnets with current. An intelligent and adaptable control distinguish itself by safe load lifting and a rapid release of ferromagnetic materials. The power generator RG is hydraulically, mechanically driven or by genset driven. Thanks to a pluggable cable system and complete kits for common handling machines, retrofitting is easily done.


F&D Stromversorgung für Lasthebemagnete
Stromversorgung RG für Lasthebemagnete
  • maintenance-free
  • reliable
  • high efficiency
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Customer based sorting functions
  • fast lifting and releasing of the load
  • Plain text display for the operator
  • pluggable cable system
  • easy installation
  • Flange for clutch bell
  • short delivery time (in stock)



Technical specifications

  RG 9 kW / 2 RG 9 kW / 4 RG 15 kW / 2 RG 15 kW / 4 RG 20 kW / 2 RG 20 kW / 4 RG 30 kW / 4

Power at 100% duty cycle

9 kW  15 kW 20 kW 30 kW 
Rated voltage 230V 230 V
Surge 280 V 280 V
Rated current 39 A 65  A 86 A 130 A
Rated speed (rpm) 3000 2000  3000 2000  3000 2000   1800
Speed range (rpm) 2700-4500 1800-3600  2700-4500  1800-3600  2700-4500 1800-3600   1500-3000
Weight 75 kg 95 kg 118 kg 180 kg


Example of product

Mobile excavator with equipped power supply

Mobile excavator with equipped power supply

Generator driven by hydraulic

Generator driven by hydraulic

Tags: magnet generator, generator for scrap magnets, generator for magnet plates

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