Stationary magnet systems for cranes

We design, produce, deliver, assemble and maintain magnet systems of stationary cranes such as bridge cranes, indoor cranes, pillar cranes, gantry cranes and other cranes. A stationary magnet system is suitable for carrying and transporting ferromagnetic materials such as e.g. bars, billets, tubes, slabs, scrap and reinforcing steel. Other applications are scrap handing and ore mixing systems for foundries.

Ideally, an electrically operated load lifting magnet or even several electromagnets are used in combination with a spreader beam. The spreader beam and magnets are designed according to the application.

The magnet system comes with a push button at a pendant station, if required even with a radio remote control.

An individually manufactured and programmed magnet control system controls the magnet as a group or a single magnet. In most cases, an emergency power supply is required due to the safety regulations and the regulations of the employers' liability insurance association.

In case of a power failure or a phase failure, the connected emergency/backup power supply prevents an uncontrolled and unintentional dropping of the load. The magnet control system switches over to the backup batteries installed in the battery tray. The operator of the crane gets the chance to lower the material safely. In case of a malfunction of the magnet system, we will be there for you with our fast service and have all relevant spare parts in store. In order to avoid breakdowns our support service checks periodically the load lifting magnets and the power supply of the magnet system, this provides the framework for an accident prevention program. After the accident prevention inspection, you will get a certificate for your documentation.


Structure of a crane magnet system

Bridge crane with built-in magnet system

Bridge crane with built-in magnet system
  1. Load lifting magnet
  2. Chain suspension (Triple strand-chain)
  3. Magnet connection lead
  4. Plug / Socket device
  5. Power transformer
  6. Power supply
  7. Backup / Emergency power supply
  8. Cable drum / motor cable reels
  9. Pendant station
  10. Radio receiver
  11. Radio transmitter
  12. Optic and acoustic signalling


Project crane spreader beam at a stationary crane

Project crane spreader beam

Control of a crane magnet power supply

Control of a crane magnet power supply

Magnet Backup / Emergency power supply

Backup / Emergency power supply

Spreader beam with lifting magnet 

Spreader beam with lifting magnet 


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